I know two things well: finances and children. Why finances is hopefully clear from the ETFFox pages, but why should I understand anything about children? Of course, because I have a child myself. Then, because I was a music teacher and part-time owner of a martial arts school for children for many years. For more than four years I taught the little ones from 4 to 15 years old. In the process, you learn a lot about yourself and a lot about children.

Most of the children who came to my school were highly motivated, full of energy and drive. But some are also shy, distraught, or somehow disconnected from the world. Parents brought the children to me because they wanted more confidence for the little ones. Some wanted the child to finally be able to defend himself. Others just wanted to make the child stronger, physically and psychologically. In my school, that was exactly our goal.

Children were taught the martial art of Wing Tsun while learning good social behavior using the sobe5 principles. Thus, after a short time, many dreamed of getting a black belt in Kung Fu and then being able to protect themselves and other people.

„We need to give kids something to dream about,“ I heard someone say some time ago. That is absolutely correct.

Children must be allowed to dream of a future in which things are possible that actually seem impossible. World peace, education, food and drink for all people. Everyone is nice to each other, helpful, honest and good. What a utopia most people will say now. And I agree with them: the way most children are currently growing up around the world, this utopia will never become reality. But that can be changed!

Let’s take a quick look at a few things: school. Is that where good social behavior is taught? Is there such a school subject? No, there is not. Well, it should! What concepts should such a subject then be based on? According to the different religions? Certainly not!

The family environment: If the parents have not already completely handed over the responsibility for the education of their children to the school (freely according to the motto: That’s what they’re responsible for at school), then in the best case scenario they try to educate their children themselves, teach them something, explain life to them. But what is it that children are being taught? What do parents look to for guidance in their parenting? On what they have inherited from their own parents or grandma and grandpa? And how do we prevent parents who themselves have rather strange attitudes or slightly disturbed social behavior from passing this on to their children in the same way?

Education and good social behavior should be visible within the family, but at the same time must be taught outside the family environment. For this purpose, a guideline is necessary, which should always be the same everywhere. Rules of conduct(sobe5 principles) that everyone can „sing“ best at some point, that are discussed again and again in schools and kindergartens, and that are very important, exemplified. However, such principles, rules or principles do not exist. And please don’t give me the 10 commandments now.

If there were ways of passing on the sobe5 principles to children, then within three generations 80% more people would be in positions of responsibility in politics and industry who were more empathetic, oriented themselves to „old“ values and virtues, and always had a view of the common good as a premise.

What if wars were no longer possible because no one saw any point in them? If no one would be willing to operate weapons that can kill thousands of people at once? If people in responsible positions didn’t always have their own interests in mind, but really thought about the common good for once? If environment was not „saved“ by force in a zero-plan hysteria strategy, but with measures supported by many responsible scientists and not only by a few selected scientists?

What would it be like, anyway, if children in our schools received useful „education“ and not „dumbing down“? Zero lessons on social behavior exist for children throughout your school years. The topic of „proper communication“ is also not on the school curriculum. Nationwide, teachers and children spend a full five (yes, 5) hours on the topic of „money“ throughout the school day.

The issue of money is not important, is it? After all, everyone has money. Enough of it is always in the wall, out on the street. You push a few buttons and it comes out. The fact that we are moving further and further away from cash unfortunately makes the issue of money even more diffuse for the little ones. For many adults, too, by the way.

You can tell I’m rambling. Back to sobe5 and the values.

What is needed is a code of conduct that ALL people, children and adults can inherently accept as a matter of course. All people want for your life, safety, education, enough to eat and drink, affection and security. So on this basis we can all meet each other.

Children need values if they are to look to a bright future. Courtesy, kindness, honesty, curiosity, creativity, thirst for knowledge, independent thinking and helpfulness must be taught, explained and lived. There is no other way to save this world in the long run.

Here is my request to you, yes to YOU: Read through the five sobe5 principles NOW. Then close your eyes and imagine a world in which 90% of people have made these principles their rules of life. – PAUSE –

Did you like what you saw?