sobe5 projects/actions

Action 1:

  • Take a sheet of paper and put your hand on it
  • Circle your hand with a pen of your choice
  • Paint the resulting hand with a lot of creativity
  • Send me the picture by mail! Yes, by mail… That means finding an envelope, sticking a stamp on it, and then dropping it in the mailbox!
  • Send your mail to: sobe5, Vortadtweg 3 in 31613 Wietzen

A little something for you? All right…..

I am curious how many hands I will get!

The senders of the first 50 hands to arrive will be rewarded with a large sobe5 poster (DIN A1). We will then send the poster directly to your home.

This promotion starts on 07/19/2020, 11:00 am and ends on 07/28/2020. So by then your painted hands must all be here.