Do not harm yourself or others

“What you do to others, you do to yourself”.

Christian Morgenstern (1871 – 1914)

Explanation of principle 1:

Damage caused, whether physical, phsychic or financial, generates caution and at the same time distrust among the damaged persons. This leads to people trusting each other less and less in the long run. However, trust is indispensable for a functioning society, the family and one’s own personal development. Trust is likewise the basis for all forms of relationships with our own children, fellow human beings and almost all aspects of society. Causing harm also means starting a loop that in turn causes or sometimes even forces others to also harm someone again. These damage loops must be broken.

Psychological damage such as bullying or general ostracism, once inflicted, often means trauma for a child to carry into adulthood. It is rarely possible to repair this damage completely.

Averting harm to others and, of course, to oneself as far as possible, must therefore be given high priority in a socially and empathetically oriented society.

Teaching content for Principle 1 could include::

  • Healthy food, what is it?
  • Justice, what is it?
  • Do not use drugs? Why not?
  • Drink alcohol, why not do that?
  • Bullying causes harm, why?
  • Theft is not nice or?
  • Destroy something from others, replace it
  • Do not always act for your own benefit
  • Taking care of your own health, how does that work?
  • Consider the consequences of one’s own actions
  • Taking responsibility for one’s own actions
  • Being critical, what is that?
  • Inflicting suffering on someone with words, is that possible?
  • Making mistakes, can I always avoid it?
  • Is making mistakes bad?
  • Emotions, what are they?
  • How do I get my anger under control?
  • Can I be angry?
  • Find your Ikigai
  • Learn to meditate

The five sobe5 principles are:

  1. Do not harm yourself or others
  2. Always be helpful and good
  3. Stay away from violence and crime
  4. Respect and d protect our environment
  5. Make yourself better today than you were yesterday