We have to create values again!

I know two things well: finances and children. Why finances is hopefully clear from the ETFFox pages, but why should I understand anything about children? Of course, because I have a child myself. Then, because I was a music teacher and part-time owner of a martial arts school for children for many years. For more […]

sobe5 Action 1 has started!

On Sunday, 19.07.2020 the first sobe5 action for all big and small children starts. The prize is a large sobe5 poster (DIN A1). You can find more information here. Have fun and good luck. MH

Radio show with sobe5

Hello dear ones, on Sunday the 19.07.2020 from 10:00 to 11:00 o’clock, there will be on Radio Bremen 4(UKW Bremen: 101,2) at „Zebra Vier forscht“ one hour a contribution to sobe5. I hope you will all be there! Warm greetings, MH

Posters printed

Now we have printed and distributed the first sobe5 posters. For the personal printout of a small copy here is the link to the DIN A4 print template. Have fun with the sobe5 principles! MH

New sobe5 logo

Today we have added a new sobe5 logo to our pages. It just looks fresh and motivating. We are happy! Have a great day! MH