Who is behind sobe5 ?

My name is Mario Hartmann (Germany), I am the initiator of sobe5 and owner of the company ETFFox.

My life was moved and will most likely always remain so. Standstill in whatever form is something that has never existed in my life. After my training as a technical draftsman, I graduated as a music teacher at the Bremen Conservatory, gave many lessons in the following years and took an active part in musical life. A few years later, he completed an apprenticeship as an IT specialist, and again a little later, another apprenticeship as a financial advisor.

In terms of focus, I have always dedicated my life to one thing, learning. For me, there is nothing more beautiful and fulfilling than learning something new every day. To read and believe to understand something, then to realize that what was believed was not understood after all, to finally be able to start all over again. That is simply the greatest thing. What a happy endless loop of the eternally studying.

Working for far more than 30 years as a music teacher and for 33 years also as a Tao Wing Tsun instructor, I had and have worked with many people and especially with many children. So I can claim to have some experience in dealing with people. As a father, like other parents, I have a great responsibility to raise my child. After all, as part of society, my child will at some point be dependent on socially and sustainably minded fellow human beings on the path to a fulfilling life.

Concerned about the increasingly negative social behavior of our fellow human beings and the resulting brutalization of society, I decided to launch sobe5 in 2020.